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"Hear us again, for the first time."

How we started
TBG started with Douglas G. Plexico (Akonyte), M. E. Mott and Don DeBey with the recording of "III shrOOm pi", our first triple studio recording. Next came "Tricelia", another three song recording with Plexico, Mott, Robert Maple, Devon McReynolds and Neil Stuart. "Mushroom Pizza" with Plexico, Mott, Ryan Kilby, Richard Appling. Then "Spores from the Basement" came next with Plexico, Mott, Stuart, Jennifer Brown, Karen Williams and Adam Myles.

The beat goes on....
Currently we are woking on editing music from three of our performances: Our "Mushroom Pizza" CD release party at the Java Cafe in Fresno, CA; at Skip's Tavern in San Francisco, CA and at the Loading Zone in Redwood City, CA. (Musician at Skip's and the Loading Zone were: Plexico, Mott, Kramer, Emidio and Chris Akins.

And on and on...
Also in the works in a compilation CD of many performances in the past with many different musicians: "Amanita Jam". As of March 2003, members are Douglas G. Plexico, Connie S. Kramer and Richard Appling.

And on and on...
TBG has played for the Central Valley AIDS Team, the Fresno City College Renaissance Fair, the Hanford Renaissance Fai, the Fair Oaks Renaissance Fair, The PacBell Children's Literacy Swapmeet.