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Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

Q Who or what is (a) Gilgamesh?
A Gilgamesh is a Babylonian folk hero from the Epic of Gilgamesh about 5500 years ago. The Epic of Gilgamesh

Q Are you promoting illegal mushroom use?
A No, Amanita muscaria and all other Amanitas are unscheduled in the US (and most countries). They are legal to sell, possess, or injest. FYI Amanita Page

Q What type of music do you play?
A Yes.

Q Why do you use the word "Bandits"?
A Bandit(s) - [Italian bandito, from bandire, to band together, probably of Germanic origin. See bh-2 in Indo-European Roots.] (http://www.dictionary.com/, 2003)