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Douglas G. Plexico aka Akonyte
Doug wrote the vast majority of the songs and music which TBG has performed over the years. He is rythmn guitar and bass, lead vocals and back up harmony, and harmonica. He was nominated for International Poet of the Year by Poetry.Com for 2003.
M. E. Mott
Mott was instrumental in the arrangements of most of the songs, and lead vocalists and sometimes back up vocals, he also wrote some of the songs and helped in the writting of others.
The "Tricelia" TBG
Left to Right: Neil Stuart (Drums), Robert Maple (Lead guitar), Douglas G. Plexico Devon McReynolds (Bass),and M. E. Mott. (Photo by Connie S. Kramer)
"Mushroom Pizza" TBG:
Richard Appling (Bass), Ryan Kilby Drums, El Nino (Drums), Douglas G. Plexico and M. E. Mott.
"Spores from the Basement" TBG:
Karen Williams (Back up vocals), Jennifer Brown (Flutist), Adam (A. C.) Myles (Lead guitar), Neil Stuart (Drums), Douglas G. Plexico and M. E. Mott.
Amanita Jams and San Francisco TBG:
Emedio Juliart (Drummer), Chris Akins (Bass and Rythym guitar, and vocals), Connie S. Kramer (Percussions), Douglas G. Plexico and M. E. Mott.

"III shrOOm Pi"
1995 - Douglas G. Plexico, M. E. Mott and Don DeBey (Bass and Vocals), recorded at KPFA-FM Fresno, CA.