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Band Members - Past and Present
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Photos of many of the folks who have been a part of the TBG Project over the years.
Connie S. Kramer - Percussionist since 2000. She has contributed to song writing on several occasions.
Richard Appling - Bassist for "Mushroom Pizza" and rejoined project in 2003.
El Nino - Sound engineer for "Mushroom Pizza". Drummer on 'Spiral Dance' and Bass on 'The Wheel' on "Mushroom Pizza".
We opened up for Regi Harvey's Band - The Example


Ryan Kilby - Executive Producer and Drummer for "Mushroom Pizza", all songs except 'Spiral Dance'.
Jenni Kramer - Writer of the poem 'Days Like This' which became a song on "Mushroom Pizza". She was 15 in this picture.
Adam Myles, or A. C. Myles of the A. C. Myles Band in Fresno, CA. Adam played with TBG during "Spores from the Basement" era.