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Here are some links to our favorite people and places
A. C. Myles Band
A. C. Myles, on the left hanging from the house, was part of the TBG Project many years ago during the "Spores in the Basement" days.
Regi Harvey
The drum, guitar and voice are the tools used by Regi Harvey to express the true soul and musical communication of his music telepathy if you will. Douglas G. Plexico and Connie S. Kramer have jammed at Skip's Tavern with Regi on many an occasion. He is a multi-instrumentalist, (guitar, drums, bass, synth), singer, songwriter, who is also an actor, considers himself a poet as much as anything -- expressing the prose in his songs. An experienced player, who over the years has taken the opportunity to grow. Regi died of cancer a few years ago. We will miss him.
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie are one of the Internet's most popular comedy troupes at over 2.5 million downloads of their mp3s so far. Almost all our stuff is available for free online.

Royal Stuarts Scottish Performer's Guild: Scottish History with a touch of humor. Highlights from Scottish History with a focus on the Stuart (Stewart) Monarchs. Douglas G. Plexico, of TBG, was a member of this guild in the guild's first two years of existence.

Gilgamesh - the Band
Gilgamesh was formed in the autumn of 1972. It split up in late 1975, shortly after the release of its debut album. It was revived sometime in 1977 for occasional rehearsals which led to the recording of the second album in the summer of 1978.
Toadstool - the Band
Toadstool is a Seattle-based band that plays original rock music with elements of jazz, R&B, funk, blues and folk in their sound. The music will make you groove, dance and sweat!