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TBG Project
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TBG Project is the continuing music and poetry project of Douglas G. Plexico, friends and associates.
Current and Past Projects
Toadstool Bandits of Gilgamesh
Seven years of Toadstool Bandits of Gilgamesh: Studio, live, practices and other recordings.
Future and Present projects:

Electric shrOOm
Two Electronica CDs online for your listening pleasure.

"Road Ways"
"Road Ways" Poetry by Douglas G. Plexico and friends - 2004

Saul to Paul
Saul to Paul - Christian Midi-Analog Project

TBG Finally broke up in 2002. TBG had been in several incarnations with several musicians from 1995 until 2001. "III shrOOm pi" was the first, then came "Tricelia", "Mushroom Pizza", "Spores from the Basement", "Amanita Jam" and the forthcoming "Basket of shrOOms" (The Best of, Kinda).